Garry Gliddon is one of our FEMG Founders and after nearly 19 years, retired on 30th June 2019. Garry had many responsibilities within FEMG which included the role of Works Manager. As the Port Augusta Works Manager, Garry would train and nurture our Technicians, manage their workloads, draw up Evacuation Plans and work with Ramon to provide L&D Training to our Clients. Garry was always available to answer any questions the Technicians and Administration Staff would have – and this could be quite a few! Garry decided that his passion for training new Technicians was something he wanted to pursue and a short time before he retired, this became his role and his protégé Tyler took the opportunity to step up as Works Manager and learn what he could from his mentor. Garry has been a part of the MFS since 1990 after 12 years with the CFS. Garry loves his motor racing and has attended the Supercars in Adelaide since its inception. Now that he has retired, Garry is looking forward to spending more time with his family and furbabies and seeing what sites Australia has to offer. All the FEMG family wish Garry the best in his retirement.