At Fire Equipment Maintenance Group Pty Ltd, stocking and servicing Fire Extinguishers is only the beginning of what we do!

FEMG Technicians, with their mobile workshops, are fully equipped and trained to service Fire Blankets, Hose Reels, Fire Hydrants, Fire Pumps, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Panels, VESDA Systems, Smoke Detectors and Exit and Emergency Lighting. We also have a number of Technicians who can service AFFF Fire Suppression Systems.

Both our Port Augusta and Port Pirie locations have an extensive range of stock ready for purchasing in their storerooms. We have a wide range of suppliers and knowledge and will endeavour to help you with all your safety requirements for the best price possible.

Our qualified Technicians can also conduct Test and Tagging on electrical equipment to ensure they are functioning safely.

FEMG are a supplier and servicer of St John Ambulance First Aid Kits and associated equipment, this includes Defibrillators.

Fire Equipment Maintenance Group Pty Ltd are here to ensure your workplace and staff are equipped in case of an emergency, this means we can also help you with your Evacuation Plans and can provide Training on how to use your fire equipment and lead you in the right direction should you require Fire Warden Training.


Your safety is paramount, we understand that not everyone can get to one of our offices therefore we can send our Technicians to you!

Fire Equipment Maintenance Group have a fleet of sixteen service vehicles, including 4WD’s, allowing us to visit mining and remote sites. Each vehicle is fully equipped and set up with a complete mobile workshop to efficiently and professionally service all your sites needs.

From Nullarbor to Broken Hill, Pipalyatjara to Marion Bay, Marree to Adelaide and everywhere in between, our friendly, knowledgeable, trained Technicians can help you.

If you see one of our vans in an area near you stop and say Hi!

Fire Equipment Maintenance Group Pty Ltd have a wide range of suppliers and knowledge and will endeavour to help you with all your safety requirements for the best price possible.


FEMG can help you determine the type and size of Fire Extinguisher you require to meet your needs. Looking into the space you need covered, our Technicians can assist you to ensure you are adequately protected.


FEMG can supply everything you need for all your Emergency and Exit Light needs. We can arrange for your lighting to be installed and we can take care of your regular servicing. We keep an extensive range of globes, batteries and signage in stock.


Fire Blankets are commonly placed in kitchens and do require regular servicing. Our Technicians can service these to ensure they are still intact and are easily accessible in the event of fire.


Smoke Detectors are a necessity in every home and placement is key to ensuring they do their job correctly. Getting the right advice on what type of Detector you need is something FEMG can help you with.


Hose Reels should be located to provide an accessible and controlled supply of water to combat a potential fire risk. Fire Hydrants maintenance requirements are set by the Australian Standards, FEMG can assist with any information and servicing you may require.


FEMG service a wide range of AFFF Fire Suppression Systems on all types of vehicles. Our mobile trailer set up means that we can get to you no matter where you are.


We are suppliers for all your St John Ambulance needs. Our Technicians can service and replenish your First Aid Kits, we can also service your Defibrillators and replace the pads and battery.


All our qualified Technicians follow the AS/NZS 3760 when they conduct Testing and Tagging on your electrical equipment. FEMG currently have 3 Electrical Appliance Testing machines at our fingertips.


Sprinkler systems automatically detect a fire, transmit an alarm and control or extinguish the fire. They are usually located in places where people cannot always be present and operate only as needed in the immediate vicinity of the fire.


Technicians are trained in the routine servicing and repairing of all 1670 Fire Alarm Panels. We keep a wide range of detectors and batteries in stock ready to help with any breakdowns or installations that you may need.


Emergency Evacuation Plans and Signage is an integral part of keeping your employees and visitors safe. Our experienced technicians can come to you and conduct a site survey and assist with your evacuation routes and meeting points. Once a survey has been completed, we can get your Plans drawn up and assist with their placement and any other signage you may require


FEMG are passionate about your safety and like to ensure you are protected in the event of a fire. Therefore, we can provide training for your workplace or community group. Our Fire Extinguisher Safety Training delves into the different types of Fire Extinguishers and the variety of fires they each put out. This also includes how to use the Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets.